Tony Riches and his incredible historical fiction novel MARY - Tudor Princess
Author: Tony Riches

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Tony Riches

And his incredible historical fiction novel with a fascinating and intriguing plot in, “MARY – Tudor Princess.”

From the author, Tony Riches:

My history teachers took the easy way out. They taught us about King Henry VIII and his six unlucky wives, but I don’t recall them ever mentioning he had two sisters. One, Margaret Tudor, became Queen of Scotland, and his youngest sister, Mary, was married off to the ailing King Louis XII of France, who was old enough to be her father.

To make matter worse, the TV series, The Tudors, ‘merged’ Henry’s two sisters into one character, named Margaret. The reason given was ‘to avoid viewers confusing the king’s daughter with the king’s sister’. I decided to put the record straight, and tell Mary’s story in my book, Mary – Tudor Princess.

She was the daughter of a king, sister of a king, and wife of a kingyet risked everything to marry for love.

The great thing about historical fiction is that although I research all the people, places and events to make sure they are as accurate as possible, I can also ‘fill in the gaps’ and imagine how Mary might have felt about her arranged marriage.

I visited what’s left of Mary’s home at Westhorpe in Suffolk, and paid my respects at her tomb at the Gothic church of St Mary’s at Bury St Edmunds. I also saw a lock of her hair, taken when her coffin was opened after the reformation.

My hope is that readers will take a broader interest in the real people behind the stories of the Tudors. Mary married the King of France, and made the best of her fate, yet after she was widowed, dared to defy her brother, and her story deserves to be told.

Thank you, Tony, for that fascinating Author’s Leak for The Wordicle. Please support Tony and his endeavors by reading his book.

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“Mary married the King of France, and made the best of her fate, yet after she was widowed, dared to defy her brother, and her story deserves to be told.”

Tony Riches

A must read historical fiction novel

You should really give this fascinating historical fiction novel an opportunity. Tony Riches, the author of Mary – Tudor Princess has an outstanding writing style and prose, and not to mention a great story telling ability. Give it a try today!

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