First and foremost, we are writers, and we love writing. The Wordicle is a place on the internet where we can express our love for words in prose and share it to the world. It’s a blog site who’s content focuses on everything literature and the arts.

One goal is to learn the story behind the story through the Author’s Leak page. It’s there where the known or unknown author can express their feelings, good, bad, or anywhere in between, regarding their wonderful piece of literary art.

The Author’s Leak is not a review of their book, because an author reviewing their own book would be silly and biased, and additionally, there are plenty of book review sites out there—a review can’t tell the whole story, only the book can—it’s more of a story and a dive into the author’s mind’s eye about the story they’ve written…it’s an Author’s Leak. The good, the bad, the ugly.

Additionally, we enjoy writing reviews, summaries, and recommendations regarding movies and TV shows adaptations from books and other forms of literary art.

Moreover, another goal is marketing author’s books so they can actually get read and the author earn some money and maybe a little fame for their arduous work. (Shop under a revamp.)

Finally, The Wordicle wishes you, the reader, to peruse our articles and those to come, and to be safe in these times of uncertainty—through obscurity, clarity.

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