Samantha Hart author of Blind Pony.
Author: Samantha Hart

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Samantha Hart

And her fascinating memoir about healing and hope and so much more in, “Blind Pony: As True A Story As I Can Tell.”

From the author:

I came across a journal from when I was twelve years old, and it struck me when I read that one day, I knew I would write my story. I began to reflect on everything I had been through, and I started writing about it from the perspective of where I am now–but trying to connect with the pain I felt at the time.

It was a catharsis, and I found it incredibly healing. It was challenging to remember that I was telling the story in the first person, so I had to re-embody my girlhood and the difficult experiences I went through becoming an adult. Reconnecting with the child I once was, allowed me to appreciate the woman I’ve become in new ways.

The book’s central theme is survival and how to keep on going when things feel insurmountable. I lived my life by the mantra, “I’ve got nothing to lose.” This simple phrase pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone; to almost dare myself to do more than survive, but to thrive. It took a while, but eventually, I did.

It was complicated to revisit the places and people I encountered on my journey. Sometimes, I would be writing, and I would burst into tears or flat out laugh uncontrollably. At times, I would be screaming at my younger self, “Don’t do it,” before remembering I already did it, and I’m okay. I survived.

The dozens of copious journals I’ve kept all these years were like a road map, but sometimes even I couldn’t believe all of the scenarios I encountered. I was an under-age barmaid, a backgammon hustler, and I traveled the world. The tenacity it took to survive, I found humbling.

The book’s title originates from the blind pony my grandfather gave me. I am fourth in the line of a family of five girls. My grandfather gave me the blind pony as a form of control over me. So the title is a metaphor for not being seen and heard and wanting to have a vision of a better life—a life I would have loved to have.

The book is about overcoming—about facing up to and learning from one’s past without being imprisoned by it. I have discovered that many people have had difficulties in their lives by sharing the book, and they feel touched by my story and inspired by it.

The book grapples with sexual abuse, identity issues, addiction, teenage pregnancy, and never giving up. I hope that Blind Pony As True A Story As I Can Tell will allow people to see they are not alone in the world. There are a lot of blind ponies out there.

I hope people discover there is no more generous gift you can give than being your authentic self. Love yourself for the person you are, no matter the flaws.

Thank you, Samantha, for that wonderful Author’s Leak for The Wordicle. We can all certainly learn a lot from your eye-opening book! Please support Samantha Hart by reading her soul inspiring book.

Available on Paperback and Kindle (see free preview below).

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“The book is about overcoming—about facing up to and learning from one’s past without being imprisoned by it.”

Samantha Hart

Blind Pony, an inspirational memoir with lessons for all

Samantha Hart’s Blind Pony is a book that will inspire and leave you in awe as you read her true life stories and tales. Grab a copy today!

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