A witches series with magic & fantasy in The Witches of Vegas by Mark Rosendorf
Author: Mark Rosendorf

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Mark Rosendorf

And his incredible novel and witches series with magical and fantasy elements in, “The Witches of Vegas.”

From the author, Mark Rosendorf:

One night, around two in the morning, a thought ran through my head: Imagine if you were a witch, where could you actively practice your magic without being discovered? We know discovery would lead to fear, maybe mass panic and then persecution, or worse. The best thing a witch can do keep their wiccan powers hidden, But, if you can’t ever use your power, are you still a witch?

Suddenly, the answer popped into my head. What if a witch, or a family of witches, decided to become magicians? Their show would certainly be amazing. They could use their powers on stage and perform the types of miracles we are used to seeing whenever we attend a professional magic show.

The question most people in the audience ask constantly is, “how did they do that?” For people who have no knowledge of magic it could be witchcraft. No one ever questions it because magic is a common thing. People know they’re being fooled and that’s okay, it’s part of the show.

I spent years as a magician during my college years. Today, as a high school guidance counselor for special needs students, I teach magic as part of our performing arts program. Based on this, I understand how much work goes into magic. To master these illusions, magicians need time, expense, and lots of practice to make it look real and natural.

When a magician makes a card disappear right in front of your face, that took years of mastering the skills of card manipulation. When a magician makes furniture float in the air, that was knowledge and ingenuity, not to mention some serious money (many of these high-end illusions, whether bought or built, are expensive). But, if I told you it was done with witchcraft, could you tell the difference?

When magicians perform these illusions on stage, to the audience they look like miracles happening right in front of their eyes. They have no idea how it happens, for all they know, the magician has amazing supernatural powers. What a great cover that would be for actual witches who want to hide in plain sight. This was the thought that ran through my head which led to The Witches of Vegas being born.

Witches performing on stage as magicians…it would be great for them as they wouldn’t need to spend thousands of dollars to make a car float in the air, not when they can just say a magic spell and turn a motorized vehicle, or even themselves, “lighter than air.” No heavy cables that cost thousands of dollars because they are nearly invisible to the naked eye. No gimmicks and tricks that need to be built from scratch and hidden from the audience. They could just make it happen through sheer willpower.

Without such expensive costs to their show, they could charge super cheap prices for tickets and still put on the most amazing magic show ever created. In Las Vegas, they’d blend in well since magic is as popular there as gambling and buffets. It would be great for the witches because they get to practice their power while being cheered as opposed to feared and hunted. It’s great for the audience as they get an unbelievable magic show for amazingly cheap prices. So, who could this possibly hurt? Oh, right, all the Vegas magicians who couldn’t possibly compete with their show.

An incredible witches book and series with magic and fantasy

The Witches of Vegas revolves around two fifteen-year olds who have lived unusual lives. Isis Rivera was a girl without a family. At the age of nine, she discovered she was able to make objects move without touching them. She could create fire, wind and even make the ground shake. Her foster family and their friends, mistaking this for devil possession tried to torture it out of her, and then kill her.

Isis was rescued by a family of witches, and their vampire mentor, who unofficially adopted her. Their charismatic leader, Sebastian, came up with an idea that would keep them safe and well fed. They brought their power to Las Vegas under the guise of magicians and quickly became the number one must-see show on the strip. For Isis, she finally has a family that she cares about and who cares about her.

Zack Galloway’s parents were killed in a car crash when he was six. He has been raised by his uncle, Herb Galloway since. Herb, one of the prominent magicians on the strip, trained Zack in the art of magic and made him a prominent part of his show. “The Amazing Herb Galloway show” had a huge following, selling out every night…until The Witches of Vegas came to town.

The struggle to compete drained their funds over the years. Now, barely able to get an audience, Herb and Zack are one near-empty auditorium away from losing their theater and their home. Zack owes his uncle everything. He would do anything necessary to keep both himself and the man who raised him from joining Las Vegas’ homeless population.

Neither Isis nor Zack are evil, they’re just on opposite sides of this story. The evil, named Valeria, is already in Las Vegas, it is a long-time enemy of the witches’ vampiric mentor with an eye on settling a 400-year long grudge against humanity. If Isis and Zack can’t look past their differences and bring their families together, it could be too late. In fact, it may already be too late, Valeria’s been planning her revenge for a long time.

The Witches of Vegas—an award winning novel—published through The Wild Rose Press.

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“Imagine if you were a witch, where could you actively practice your magic without being discovered?”

Mark Rosendorf

An ingenious and magical witches novel and series

Immerse yourself in a discovery of witches and magic in this remarkable novel and witches series you do not want to miss out on!

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