Kathleen Walls Author of The Tenant from Hell, tenants can be very bad.
Author: Kathleen Walls

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Kathleen Walls and her book “The Tenant from Hell (The Realtor Mysteries Book 1)”

Some tenants can be good, and others can be…horrible, or like the title of this fantastic mystery book suggests, this tenant is from hell. See what the author has to say!

From the author, Kathleen Walls:

“The idea for my newest book, The Tenant from Hell, and the series it starts comes from my working background. When the pandemic hit I was working at travel writing. Earlier in life, I had been a realtor and property manager for a large real estate company in Saint Augustine.

Over the years I have written both fiction and nonfiction and often toyed with the idea of writing a nonfiction book about some of my weird experiences dealing with tenants and owners. I dismissed the idea since some of the experiences were stranger than fiction. With time on my hands and being unable to travel, I devised the idea of using the experiences and going wildly fictional with them. My Realtor Mystery series was born.

My protagonist is a 35-year-old property manager, Casey Clark, who gets thrown into a murder and drug ring situation while she is just trying to manage rental property for the owners. In real life real estate, I once had a tenant who got the owner drunk and had him promise all sorts of unlikely improvements on the rental unit and then sent a certified letter saying they were not paying any rent until these improvements were made.

Convincing my owner not to go beat up the tenant was not easy. My real-life situation went forward on more legal lines than my book but the “what if” segment makes for a fun read. I’m planning to incorporate other segments of real tenant-landlord experiences and embroidery them to make suspenseful reads.

The other part of my real life is the travel writer. I got the idea to have my main character run away to what just happens to be a great tourist destination while trying to find answers to the predicament she is in. It’s a way to give my readers a glimpse of fantastic places like Helen, Georgia. I plan to continue the same type of adventures for Casey in the next books.

I threw in her psychic cat, Dixie, since I really believe cats are psychic, Proof is if you even think about flea medicine or an ear dropper they give you a dirty look and dash out the cat door.  Also, try opening a can or bag of treats and they come dashing in from the yard. They couldn’t possibly hear it at that distance.

Naturally, the real estate office in my book is fictional not at all related to the real-life one I worked in as are the other agents. No one I worked with had any unusual habits. Yeah! Sure!

I toss in a touch of romance but nothing gets serious. Casey is still recovering from a divorce. Another been there, done that, myself. Sometimes you can blend fact and fiction to create a fun read that leaves you with a bit of knowledge you didn’t have when you started reading said book.”

Kathleen, thank you very much for that amusing and fun Author’s Leak! Please support Kathleen by checking out her incredibly intriguing book and series.

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“In real life real estate, I once had a tenant who got the owner drunk and had him promise all sorts of unlikely improvements on the rental unit…”

Kathleen Walls

The Tenant from Hell

Find out why in this fantastic mystery series by Kathleen Walls. A must read for everyone!

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