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American Gods is an incredible novel. However, so is the TV show adaptation. (If you’re a big fan check American Gods the graphic novel.)

If the gods were to bless our world with their writing—if they have or not is debatable—it would certainly be a wondrous thing. How many award-winning novels would they have? Probably quite a few, I would say. However, we do have Neil Gaiman. He has in fact blessed our physical universe with his god-like writing. I imagine that Bragi may be a little envious of that…not to brag (lousy pun intended), just giving merited praise where due.

Neil Gaiman’s novel, American Gods (the authors preferred text version is 541 pages long), is a perfect example of @neilhimself’s eloquent prose and paradigm-shifting diction. If there were a spectrum to measure how good or how bad writing is, his wordsmith wizardry would be diametrical of boring—not to be confused with prolixity and grandiloquence (*cough* my writing).

His ingenious prose will leave you dumbfounded of how exactly it was conjured up and arranged into words. At times it’s transcendental. If you haven’t read American Gods—one of his 40+ books—then you absolutely must. (Free preview of the book at the end of the article.)

When I completed reading American Gods in late 2017, I wasn’t aware it had a TV show adaptation airing on Starz. That leads to the main point of this article: as of this writing, American Gods Season 3 is set to air on Starz on January 10, 2021!

Season 1, in my opinion, was exceptional. But like most TV adaptations, things aren’t tit-for-tat as they were described in the book. And American Gods the TV adaptation is no different. However, that’s a good thing. American Gods was published in 2001. That’s two decades ago, I can’t believe it’s been that long already.

Things were different back then, especially technologically speaking. Therefore, certain aspects and character features are a little different, but it’s inconsequential. Those are just generic observances anyone who’s read a book and watched its TV adaptation will always say, anyway.

Undoubtedly, if the American Gods TV adaptation were on Netflix, millions more would be able to tune in and enjoy its grandiose production and riveting suspense and action…not to mention its fantasy realism and Norse mythology emphases and subtleties. Mr. Neil Gaiman is second to none in that particular realm, as he is in so many others.

For those who have watched American Gods Season 1 and 2, and wait in eager anticipation of Season 3, good for you. For those of you who haven’t yet began watching the TV series, you absolutely must begin watching it now. Otherwise, you’ll be missing out on an instant classic. It really won’t disappoint. You’ll be thankful that you met the incredible characters: The protagonist Shadow (actor Ricky Whittle), Mr. Wednesday (actor Ian McShane), Laura (beautiful actress Emily Browning) and many more.

See trailers below.

Season 1 Official Trailer

Watch it on Starz on Amazon.

Season 2 Official Trailer

Watch it on Starz on Amazon.

Season 3 Official Trailer

“American Gods” The Novel by Neil Gaiman

Check out the free preview of the novel below.

In conclusion, even though a lot of the reviews regarding the tv show adaptation are less than stellar, we feel it’s a more than worthy show to watch. No, scratch that, we believe it’s a must watch! Catch up today before Season 3 begins.

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