Supernatural Powers book, Proof Of Existence, by Daniel Vergara
Author: Daniel Vergara

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Daniel Vergara

And his riveting book that embodies the best supernatural powers, horror and thrills you’ve yet to discover in, “Proof Of Existence.”

From the author, Daniel Vergara:

Proof Of Existence is my debut horror novel and it is a very important story I wanted to tell because seldom do we read horror novels where the murder victim is in full control of the situation.

The story is seen from the perspective of five murder victims: Jacinda, Rachel, Ruby, Rosalind and Blaire, but is also about a gay medium named Umezda Wicker and a powerful telekinetic housewife named Clarissa. While they are all interconnected on so many levels, the story is truly about women’s rights, feminism, violence against women and how women are often perceived.

I wanted to turn the horror genre on its head; not simply to tell a unique and satisfying story but to show the strengths and weaknesses of women whether they are alive or dead, powerful or not.

My characters are semi-ambiguous but it’s clear Rosalind is African-American and Ruby is Asian American. Jacinda is Hispanic but that’s up for interpretation. Overall, the story takes place in different timelines going back and forth about five murder victims who come back to life and have a choice on whether to forgive their murderers or exact revenge.

Clarissa is the key element in the story that brings the women together, Umezda is a conduit for some of the women and a mysterious protector named Piper who protects Clarissa at all costs. Proof Of Existence is a two part series with the sequel “Mrs. Daane” coming in 2021.

Proof Of Existence is multi-layered and rich story that is actually pretty to read and understand and keeps you on the edge of your seat. You get to know these women on a personal level and we can all relate to them in one way or another. There’s no way around their truths.

Growing up, I experienced seeing my mother suffer through domestic violence and all my life I’ve observed these murder mystery stories we see so very often on TV about the crazy husband, the women who disappear, the women who leave the library only to be murdered and raped. That struck a nerve within me to speak on it.

To showcase the horrible truths and what would happen if we could hear these women from beyond the grave, giving them second chances from what was stolen from them. The book also addresses the aftermath and what happens to the families of murder victims. A true writer cultivates a character and the essence of the character so we can see through their lens, not just reading a fabricated story.

Proof Of Existence is The Swan Song and then the song that comes after it. It is the fear at night, the possibility that anyone can fall prey to the horrors of this world. A horror story that can actually happen and that’s actually happened…to so many. Mrs. Daane tackles the loose ends from Proof Of Existence while also weaving a frightening story of power, privilege, mental health and devil worship.

Audrey Daane is probably one of the most complex and strangest women since Annie Wilkes from Misery. But Audrey has humble beginnings and is interconnected with Clarissa and the five murder victims from Proof Of Existence. I advise my readers to understand that Proof Of Existence is not just a horror novel but a story about humanity as a whole.

Daniel, thank you for that great and intense Author’s Leak. Please support Daniel by reading his excellent book that will not disappoint!

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Available on Paperback and Kindle (see free preview below).

“Growing up, I experienced seeing my mother suffer through domestic violence and all my life I’ve observed these murder mystery stories…the women who disappear…to be murdered and raped. That struck a nerve within me to speak on it.”

Daniel Vergara

Supernatural powers and fascinating characters

There are several types of superpowers, like magical powers and supernatural powers, but this book, with its horror and unique blend of supernatural powers is sure to answer all your questions about humanity as a whole.

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