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Author: Paul Anthony

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Paul Anthony

And his fresh and captivating book that leaves other crime novels in the dust in, “SAPPHIRE.”

From the author, Paul Anthony:

Authors seldom speak of the problems they reach when they’ve written more than a dozen full-length thrillers. It’s not ‘writer’s block’ as it may seem to many. No! It’s the ability to recognize that constantly repeating plots is not the way to retain a worthwhile readership. Rooting out good plots from the brain cells often takes time.

More importantly, you’ll keep the readership that relies on the author to constantly entertain them with fresh material, which captivates the reader. That might explain why the books on my website reveal several genres that are not tied to my mainstream detective novels. I began writing the Boyd detective tales several years ago and then began the Davies King detective tales.

There’s no similarity in either the characters or the plots, but they are based on the work of law enforcement officers, detectives, and intelligence agencies, and they are all standalone books so the reader can pick any one of them up and join in the pleasure of reading.

The beauty, for the author, is that the mind remains geared to the challenge whilst the beauty, for the reader, is that one of their favourite authors continues to produce the goods they require. At least, that’s the challenge for me as I see it. I rather think poets, scriptwriters, painters, artists, musicians, and entertainers from many different backgrounds have the same problem at some time in their career.

Recently, in an effort to comply with the above, I decided to resurrect the tale of a criminal I met when I was a young detective in the Lake District, Cumbria, UK. Indeed, the book I wrote and published was inspired by the memory of our relationship which spanned twenty years. I don’t want to spoil the read, but in the background of the tale running through SAPPHIRE, there is a story within the story. Namely, a full-length true psychological account running inside a quasi-fictional book.

Whilst the mystery, the thrill of the chase, the adventure, and the build-up to the climax is there to enjoy, so is something else. For example, the two main players are at odds with each other from the start. They begin by distrusting each other, fearing each other, and then dreading the presence of everyone else around them.

What do they think of each other and the activities they are both engaged in? One is a crook and the other a detective, are there any intriguing emotional problems going on in the minds of the main characters? What might appear to be a ‘good cop chases bad crook’ tale is much more interesting than you might imagine and deals with the ins and outs of a complex lengthy relationship.

I’ll leave it like that for now, but most of the books I’ve written have a message or a story within a story for the reader to experience and enjoy. Sapphire ultimately is about FREEDOM….

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“I don’t want to spoil the read, but in the background of the tale running through SAPPHIRE, there is a story within the story.”

Paul Anthony

A crime novels lover’s dream book

One of the best crime novels in our opinion that should be made into a crime fiction movie! A great modern detective novel and so much more.

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