Self acceptance is key, and A Fools Game by Paul Fellowes is an incredible book…
Author: Paul Fellowes

The Wordicle’s Author’s Leak presents

Paul Fellowes and his book “A Fool’s Game.”

This fantastic book highlights why self acceptance is crucial to a happy life. See what the author has to say!

From the author, Paul Fellowes:

“A Fool’s Game is my first dip of a toe into the realms of writing, really. I remember when I was young, I would always be thinking of stories, but as an adult I hadn’t ever sat down and really tried my best to put pen to paper.

This year has brought many sad things to many people, myself included. But I wanted something to be proud of in 2020, and when I was between roles over the first lockdown, I had to keep my mind in a state of sanity, and so A Fool’s Game was born, somewhat ironically, given some of the key themes of the book.

I like to think I write about things that I know about or have experienced first-hand, and if they’re not either of those things, then I have worked hard to gain a credible understanding to be able to talk about them.

One of the main themes throughout is poor mental health and a distinct lack of self-acceptance. However, the simplistic basis of it all, is that in every place I’ve ever worked, we always had a syndicate, and I would always be the one to ask, “What would you do if we won, though?”

My favourite character is probably Jennifer, she is a formidable and intelligent young woman with all the odds stacked against her, but a determination to succeed and an incredible and wonderful family behind her. However, I would argue that Danny’s character is someone I see myself in a lot.

That’s not to say that I think I’m handsome, or have a good physique because believe me, I do not, but I completely empathise with his ability to doubt himself and understand how his mental health deteriorates so quickly. There’s a section in the book where he grabs a handful of flesh from his stomach. He is utterly distraught at its fatty texture, and I have been there on many occasions. 

Over the years I have really struggled with my appearance and my sexuality, both of which adversely affected my mental health. I was a big kid and, whilst I would’ve been described as ‘confident’, ‘loud’, or ‘bubbly’, I wasn’t happy with who I was.

I struggled throughout school with my weight, and it wasn’t until university that I did something about it…although what I chose to do was definitely of detriment to myself too. Once I had lost an inordinate amount of weight far too quickly, I still found that I wasn’t happy, and when I found a particularly toxic (now-ex) girlfriend, I hit some pretty powerful lows.

I am very fortunate in that I have an incredible support bubble of friends and family who helped me through those chapters in my life and, when I moved to London, I came out as bisexual and have been on the path to self-acceptance in both body and mind ever since. I am currently living with my wonderful boyfriend, who constantly reminds me that he loves me and my body, and that I should too.

There are some very dark moments in the book, and it reflects some of the things that I have felt in my life, but I would hope people take away:

  • a sense of how quickly things can change,
  • how interactions are so important in their own lives and in the lives of people around them,
  • and simply, that money cannot buy you happiness.

Thank you so much for letting me release an Author’s Leak, and I hope you enjoy the book.”

Thank you, Paul, for providing The Wordicle your genuine and wonderful Author’s Leak! Please support Paul by reading his outstanding book!

Available on Kindle (see preview below).

“One of the main themes throughout is poor mental health and a distinct lack of self-acceptance….I came out as bisexual and have been on the path to self-acceptance in both body and mind ever since.”

Paul Fellowes

Self acceptance is key

This exceptional book by Paul Fellowes is a must read and yearns to be in your bookshelf. Grab it today and see why it is so incredible!

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