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MK Schultz

And his incredible sci-fi thriller, comedy, and horror series, Kassius Kanex.

From the author, MK Schultz:

“In book 1 of a series, the world is introduced to Kassius Kanex—a seemingly simple man who goes on a journey to his destiny to break free of all that had imprisoned him. Kassius Kanex is a family man who is unhappy with his empty and unfulfilling work life, but he loves his family.

He eventually finds his true purpose following a chance meeting with four lost men who stop to ask him for directions. The meeting proves to be a catalyst to his destiny—a destiny that will both shock and intrigue the reader.

In book 2 of a series, a group of friends on their annual fishing trip encounter a mystery that changes their lives, drawing the notice of a cult and a powerful time traveler. The connection to book one is mysterious and unknown until the powerful link between the two are made. Sorry, no spoilers!

Book 3 of the Kassius Kanex series, entitled Equilibrium, is currently underway and is scheduled for release in 2021.

I was compelled to begin writing this story spontaneously one Saturday morning. It started as a sort of journal for me to try and discover something which I, like the main character in the story, was not yet aware of. 

As I wrote, the story of Kassius Kanex quickly began to take on a life of its own, morphing into a sort of parallel universe with that of my own life. The impact from my trips to the world of Kassius Kanex, began to take form in the reality of my own life. As the character began to search for and discover his true destiny, so did the author. 

After completing the first five chapters of Kassius Kanex, I knew that my fate as an author was sealed and that my destiny was finally here. My life was forever altered as my wounds began to heal in concert with the main character. 

Once healed, the next logical step was to continue the transformation of the character to one of power. This was the point where I set my character free to flourish into the world of sci-fi. 

In addition to the large cross section of people in the story, dogs, a crow and even an octopus form important roles. Mix in a heavy dose of future technologies, a secret organization and time travel and the reader will not know what is going to hit them next.

I hope that readers will enjoy the development of the character as he progresses from weakness to strength. The scenes of family, friends, career, and fun are heavily present in the series along with a cross section of genres including sci-fi thriller, comedy, and horror.

The reader is in for a unique experience and I always warn people to buckle up before reading.”

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Both books are available on Paperback and Kindle (see previews below ↓).

Book 1 – Kassius Kanex: A Novel

Also available on Paperback.

See preview of it below.

Book 2 – The Fishing Trip: Kassius Kanex

Also available on Paperback.

See preview of it below. Only four left of The Fishing Trip. Author may be contacted MK Schultz for a free eBook.

“The reader is in for a unique experience and I always warn people to buckle up before reading.”

MK Schultz

An incredible sci-fi thriller, comedy, and horror series

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