It’s Christmas every day. The Mystery of the Cursed Elves by Mitchel Maree.
Author: Mitchel Maree

The Wordicle’s Author’s Leak presents

Mitchel Maree and her book “The Mystery of the Cursed Elves: The Magic Cube #1.”

It’s Christmas every day, isn’t it? Well this incredible book will certainly make it feel that way (free preview at the end of the article). See what the author has to say.

From the author, Mitchel Maree:

“When I started to write this story, I never intended to publish it. It all started with those pesky Elf on the “Mantle” toys. While shopping one day, I found several different colored elves; red, green, blue, and a dark grey and black elf who was considered the naughty elf. I spent the next few weeks tormenting my children with this naughty elf, who was very destructive.

Around Christmas time, we took a family holiday to Spain. During a trip to the playground, I had a lively discussion with the children on naughty elves and what would happen if the elves in the North Pole suddenly went bad.

That conversation sparked an idea that snowballed into this book. During the next few days, I wrote a few chapters based on our conversations. Each night I read those chapters to the kids and they loved it. I ended up writing about half of the story on that trip. Once back home, I put it away thinking nothing was to come of it.

Fast forward to this crazy pandemic. My husband encouraged me to go back and finish that story. I’ve always loved to write and have always wanted to be an author. I had never written a children’s book, so I was a little nervous. Surprisingly, this story was so fun to write. With a children’s book, you can go all in on the fantasy aspect; more is always better.

I’m so glad I finished this book and I’m proud of the finished product. I think it’s a super fun read, perfect for the whole family. It’s a new take on all the Holiday classics; Santa, elves, the North Pole, reindeer, and Christmas itself. I hope children and families everywhere enjoy reading this book. I have many more to come.”

Mitchel, thank you for that excellent Author’s Leak—undoubtedly the perfect gift for the entire family to enjoy! Please support Mitchel by checking out her delightful book.

Available on Paperback and Kindle (see preview below).

“Fast forward to this crazy pandemic….I had never written a children’s book, so I was a little nervous. Surprisingly, this story was so fun to write.”

Mitchel Maree

It’s Christmas every day!

This book is great for the entire family and will become an instant class, and not just during Christmas time! A must have and a must read!

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