Vampire lovers book by Iris Walker named Blood Hunt.
Author: Iris Walker

The Wordicle’s Author’s Leak presents

Iris Walker and her book “Blood Hunt (The Bloodborn Series Book 1).”

Vampire lovers all over the world will certainly love this book by Iris Walker. See the free Kindle preview of it at the of the article. See what the author has to say.

From the author:

“My debut novel, Blood Hunt, is a story about what defines us, and what we let define us. At its most complex level, it touches on themes of slavery and captivity, rebellion and revolution, but at its simplest, purest core, it’s really a story about bullies and bystanders.

It’s hard to pick favorites, because my favorite characters change based on the situations I put them in, but for the story as a whole, Robin’s perspective is certainly one of my highlights. At first glance, she seems like a damsel, but when she’s thrown into this world of power and servitude, she provides a strangely contrasting view and chips away at the archaic practices of the royal vampire coalition.

Reykon, an esteemed subject of Magnus Demonte, the most powerful vampire master, is put to the ultimate test when Robin makes him question everything he’s known, worked for, and put up with during his time as a strongblood slave.

And then there’s Lucidia…I have a special place in my heart for the fiercest warrior of the whole story. Lucidia has it all—power, stance, and a reputation that precedes her. She’s the rock; an unwavering, unmoving stone that Darian Xander, another formidable vampire master, has put all his faith in. But Lucidia, plagued by the disgrace of her father’s treason and her own duplicity, must now decide what to put her own faith in—the vampires, or her half-sister. One, the society she was born into, and everything she’s known since, and the other, a stranger whom she’s never met but nonetheless has a deep, inexplicable connection with.

Everything these characters once knew is put to the test as they’re thrown into a breakneck race across the country; a race that will define their loyalties, their freedom, and the future of the royal vampire coalition.

I hope that my work makes readers question the thin line we walk between justice and injustice, humanity and inhumanity, and inspires them to think about exactly how much power rests in the hands of the people on the ground.”

Iris Walker, thank you for your author’s leak—a story behind the story—regarding your fascinating debut book. Please support Iris by reading her sure-to-satiate book! See the books’ Amazon links below.

Blood Hunt on paperback, and Kindle down below.

“I hope that my work makes readers question the thin line we walk between justice and injustice, humanity and inhumanity, and inspires them…”

Iris Walker

Calling all vampire lovers. Blood Hunt is a must read!

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