Real mermaid love, Love of the Sea book by Lauren A. R. Masterson
Author: Lauren A. R. Masterson

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Lauren A. R. Masterson and her book “Love of the Sea.”

This is an exceptional book and story about real mermaid love and so much more. You and your family do not want to miss out on this masterpiece by Lauren A. R. Masterson. Free preview at the end of the article (scroll down). See what she has to say.

From the author, Lauren A. R. Masterson:

Love of the Sea was originally created as an assignment in my Fantasy Writing class while in college. The story is a fantasy piece about a mermaid named Asrai who falls in love with a human—Prince Cormack of Paradine. 

However, her goal is to have him join her in the sea, rather than become human and live on land. My goal was to write a strong female character and give the original Hans Christian Andersen Little Mermaid the ending she truly deserved.

Since then, my professor and mentor Tina Jens urged me to complete the manuscript for a publisher pitch event in 2017. I worked day and night completing and editing the manuscript for the two months before the event.

Ultimately, I was rejected after the second round of interviews with the guest publishers, but I went on to submit and finally signed a book deal with Ink Smith Publishing. It was an incredible journey made special by the support of Tina Jens who was the professor who had given me the original assignment.

I’m proud to have followed my dream of becoming an author and working tirelessly to make that dream come true. I’m currently working on my sixth novel, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my writing career.”

Thank you, Lauren, for that intriguing author’s leak. We are certain you have a very bright writing career ahead. Please support Lauren and her admirable writing career by reading her fascinating book!

Love of the Sea available on Hardcover, Paperback, and Kindle (see preview below).

“I’m proud to have followed my dream of becoming an author and working tirelessly to make that dream come true.”

Lauren A. R. Masterson

Real mermaid love – Love of the Sea

In the world of fantasy, there is such thing as real mermaid love. And this beautiful book, Love of the Sea by Lauren, is one everyone needs to read, read again, share, and collect in ones bookshelf.  

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