A love romance suspense novel - Dark Prison by J. M. Brister.
Author: J. M. Brister

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J. M. Brister

And her superb love romance and suspense novel: Dark Prison (Gray Tower Book 1).”

From the author, J. M. Brister:

“A decade ago, I picked up my first romantic suspense novel, and I was hooked. I became inspired to write my own when I started getting my own ideas on what would be some awesome stories for romantic suspense. I had so many ideas that I wanted a way to tie them all together. It was at that time that the Gray Tower series was born.

Dark Prison is the first book of the series, which revolves around Gray Tower, Incorporated.  It is a private military company run by a billionaire who is trying to make an impact on the world after the tragic death of his daughter. They run “gray ops” missions for the U.S. government, which are performed by the best of the best, including ex-military, special forces, and the exceptionally talented. 

What I like about Dark Prison the most is that it is so personal to me. Sure, it’s fun and has many twists and turns. However, it does deal with overarching issues such as parent/child relationships (including both emotional and physical abuse), PTSD, depression, and job burn-out.

The book was cathartic to write and became a sort of therapy in and of itself. The main characters, especially Keira, the female lead, have a little part of me in them, even if our personalities are wildly different.

Dark Prison follows Keira Amherst, a beautiful and intelligent woman groomed from birth to manage her father’s company, Amherst Global. Unfortunately, when she finds out about her father’s dark secret, he imprisons her for years.

Even when she finally escapes, danger follows as she falls into the arms of Logan Slade, one of Gray Tower’s top field agents. He was assigned to investigate Amherst Global, so when the CEO’s daughter falls into his lap, he must find a way to protect her.

There are currently three books in the series: Dark Prison, Troubled Paradise, and Perilous Games.  A fourth book coming soon in 2021.”

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An exhilarating love romance suspense novel: Dark Prison

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