Kindle unlimited India book, Whiskey and Suicide by Manik Bal.
Author: Manik Bal

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Manik Bal and his book “Whiskey And Suicide: And other stories.”

A modern perspective about the complex life in modern India in this Kindle unlimited India modern book. See what the author has to say.

From the author, Manik Bal:

Whiskey And Suicide is my first book. It deals with relationships, midlife crisis, self-actualization and friendship in the context of modern urban India. Modern India is a complex place and navigating the patterns and contours of the landscape is a mammoth task. I have approached it with writing about things that I can relate to.

I was an avid reader in my childhood and my grandfather was a big creative who influenced me to become a writer at a very young age. There is, in fact, a story based on my relationship with him in this book. As I got involved in my career and making a living, writing remained in the background. I picked up a writing routine recently and this book is a product of that. I am working on another book, a novel this time which is planned to release early next year.

The book is shaped by some real life events including the suicide of one of my close friends that impacted me a great deal. It talks about the “Third Thing”, a concept the great poet Donald Hall introduced while writing about his wife and another great poet Jane Kenyon. There are stories about people in forties coping up with career frustrations, spiritual ambitions and increasing complexity and stress in modern life. It gives the readers a feel about the life in modern India and takes them on a tour of an inside of an Indian home. It is intimate, friendly and informal and has a conversational tone.

I want readers to feel they are in a party with some of the characters talking to them as friends. Some of the stories have protagonists that are on a path of self discovery and in some stories the protagonist is stuck in a life that you would not like to have. The resultant kaleidoscope that is portrayed would be interesting for someone who does not have a background on the place that India is but would be equally fascinating for someone who knows India well.”

Thank you, Manik, for that touching and emotional author’s leak. Please support Manik by checking out his motivational and enlightening book!

Available on Paperback, and Kindle (see preview below).

“It gives the readers a feel about the life in modern India and takes them on a tour of an inside of an Indian home.”

Manik Bal

Kindle unlimited India book (also available on Paperback), titled Whiskey and Suicide by Manik Bal is a must read if you want to learn about life’s complexities in modern India and so much more. The author does an exceptional job with brilliant writing.

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