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Jimmy Doom and his book “Humans, Being: A Story a Day for a Year.”

From the author, Jimmy Doom:

“This book is a temper tantrum. I was writing for a popular online platform that’s named after a shirt size and out of nowhere, they changed the payment system. About the second paragraph of their explanation as to why it wasn’t a pay cut and how it was going to be much more “fair” I knew it was a drastic pay cut and I was pissed. So I figured if I wrote the same length story (100 Words) every day, at the end of the year their own stats would prove that they just wanted to cut pay and tried to bullshit everybody.

My patience with the platform ran out, but my love of writing in the microfiction genre was in full acceleration. I set out to write one a day for a year, and I did. Some days I wrote six, others I could barely crank out one, but I did.

I never had writer’s block (don’t strangle me, or if you must, at least get a good story out of the deal before the authorities apprehend you), but sometimes an idea would be way too big for a hundred words, so I had to flesh out a treatment/synopsis and set that idea aside. Some of those ideas became stories on my daily fiction blog jimmydoom.substack.com.

I had written an article about the art of the 3-word prompt, and a few of my friends and fellow writers threw some of those my way. Some are credited in the book, some are not. But the vast majority of the ideas oozed out of my own brain.

My grandma watched me fall on my head as an infant and always thought that incident caused me to be a little off—punk singer, heavily tattooed well before it was common, a few more than minor brushes with the law, including an assault with intent to commit murder charge. I was not guilty, the judge agreed. I swear on my grandma’s grave the prosecutor’s name was Luke Skywalker—Google Wayne County Prosecutor Luke Skywalker if you don’t believe me.

Anyway, the world I have lived in populates the book. The streets, the bars, the off-kilter and the lovely but misunderstood. I did my damndest to be inclusive, though I didn’t want to stretch too far into worlds of which I am not familiar.

People are telling me that they love the book and devoured big chunks of the stories, but I really kind of envisioned it sitting on the toilet tank for the reader to read one or two a day and think about them. It really could be a desk calendar, where you read a story each day. If you read it in order, you’ll note that some of the more traditional “horror” style tales take place on the days that correspond to October on the Julian calendar.

But forget all that. Humans, Being is about people who write their own rules, bend and ignore existing ones, or try to find peace—or at least acceptance—in current societal structures. So read Humans, Being in any order, any way you want.

And yes, I know Humans, Being is the title of a Van Halen song. It’s a coincidence, not an homage. I’m a Clash fan. And this cheap hood struck a bargain with the world…and ended up writing a book about it.”

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“But forget all that. Humans, Being is about people who write their own rules, bend and ignore existing ones, or try to find peace—or at least acceptance—in current societal structures.”

Jimmy Doom

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Jimmy Doom’s exceptional book

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