Demons and Angels - Demonheart by J.J. Egosi
Author: J.J. Egosi

The Wordicle’s Author’s Leak presents

J.J. Egosi and his book “Demonheart: Book 1: Raging Elementals.”

There are many fantastic books that mention Demons and Angels. However, Demonheart is much more than that, and you would not want to miss out on it.

From the author, J.J. Egosi:

“Raging Elementals is the first in what I hope to be a very long running series of Demonheart novels. It serves as a gateway into the dark fantasy landscape I hope to craft over the course of future years.

 The initial writing process for this novel began four years ago during a very difficult part of my life. I began the first draft when my father was sick in the hospital. When the writing process came to an end, my father had passed. The story was very therapeutic for me and, perhaps, it can do the same for someone reading it.

 If you enjoy tales of angels and demons, or perhaps you’d like to follow the story of a troubled twenty something on his journey to self discovery, you’ll be welcomed to a myriad of different creatures and regions for this all to inhabit. Along with an infectious cast of characters, hero and villain, alike. And it’s all waiting for you.”

J.J. Egosi, thank you for that powerful and touching Author’s Leak. Please support J.J. Egosi by reading his book and fantastical series! See the book’s Amazon links below.

Demonheart on paperback and Kindle down below.

“The story was very therapeutic for me and, perhaps, it can do the same for someone reading it.”

J.J. Egosi

Undeniably, Demonheart will leave you asking for more with it’s incredible writing, depth and breadth, backstory, demons and angels, fantasy, and so much more.

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