apocalyptic literature book, Within Cessation by author Noir Hayes
Author: Noir Hayes

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Noir Hayes and her book “Within Cessation.”

There are many types of apocalyptic literature and books that you can find on the internet, but Within Cessation is incomparable. See what author Noir Hayes has to say.

From the author, Noir Hayes:

“So whenever I promote this book, I always get asked if it was inspired by the pandemic (as Within Cessation deals with a murderous epidemic). And what’s bonkers is that I was writing the book a few months before the pandemic even happened! It was always one of those books that hung around in the back of my mind—kind of living rent-free, haha.

I just needed that random connection that would make it all make sense. So as our world started shutting down, at this point, I didn’t even have 1,000 followers on Twitter, and I wasn’t published yet. It kind of made me have a mini-crisis of my own and I had that “Oh shit!” moment where I was like, “Well, what if the world ends before I even publish a book?” Little did I know was that was the connection I so desperately needed and that is how Within Cessation was born.

Within Cessation sort of prompts the question: “What if the world ended right now?” It is definitely a question that has become more and more prevalent in recent months. When I started writing it, things were so uncertain, things were shutting down, and college campuses were being evacuated. It was that chaos that I put into my writing. Instead of panicking and losing my mind, I turned to writing and started to create. I feel my main character, Tatum, really represents my emotions during that time of my life.

 I feel Tatum represents a lot of us, and not in a ‘tortured artist’ kind of way. He questions life and why he was put on the earth, he asks why his best idea only came to him days before people in his world started murdering at random, and he is forced to choose.

I think we all want to leave a certain mark on the world, we all want to be remembered, and Tatum embodies that craving to be more than just a blip. His need to be remembered almost becomes obsessive, to the point that he is slipping into destructive habits, his writing is becoming sloppy, and I wanted readers to really ask who Tatum was more concerned with—his own survival or the survival of his work?

It’s a fun read, if I do say so myself, and we get to watch as Tatum questions the way he will take on this apocalyptic world. BUT if you’re not into apocalyptic stories, I do have a dark noir fiction novel that was inspired by the dark and gritty life of the most dangerous gang in the city. They are polar opposites and I love them both dearly, haha.

Thanks for offering to have me featured!”

Noir, it was our absolute pleasure having you for an exclusive Author’s Leak on The Wordicle! Thank you and we wish you much luck in your exciting and bright writing career. Please support Noir by reading her books—Amazon links below!

Within Cessation on paperback and Kindle down below.

“When I started writing it, things were so uncertain…Instead of panicking and losing my mind, I turned to writing and started to create.”

Noir Hayes

This book about a murderous epidemic (apocalyptic literature and more) is a must have and a must read! Don’t forget to check out Noir’s other incredible book, Razor Blades.

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